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Tinta Verde

Alternative title Tinta Verde for Accompanied Flute
ComposerAgustín Bardi
Arranger James Strange
PublisherPenny Music Co.
Genre World / Ethnic / Tango
Instrumentation Piano, Flute
Scored forSolo, Accompanying piano
Type of scoreScore for two performers, Parts
Key A major
Difficulty Medium
Year of composition 1925
Agustín Bardi (13 August 1884 -21 April 1941) was an Argentinian pianist, violinist, and composer renowned for his tango compositions.
This piece has been arranged from the original score to be performed as a recital piece for accompanied flute. It is of moderate difficulty and suitable for a student studying at grade 4 -5 level. It provides a good study for sight reading syncopated rhythms and accidentals.

Upload date: 03 Feb 2018