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Tango Unchained: Six Recital Pieces for Flute and Piano

ComposerErnesto Nazareth, Ángel Gregorio Villoldo, Carlos Gardel, Agustín Bardi
Arranger James Strange
PublisherPenny Music Co.
Genre World / Ethnic / Tango
Instrumentation Piano, Flute
Scored forSolo, Accompanying piano
Type of scoreScore for two performers, Parts
Duration 12'0"
Difficulty Medium
The tango is a musical genre and social dance form which originated towards the end of the 19th century. It is characterised by its two-beat emphasis over four (dos por cuatro) time signatures and is often based on repeated patterns such as ABAB or ABCAC.

The collected pieces in this compilation have been arranged from the original scores to be performed as recital pieces for accompanied flute. They are suitable for students studying at grade 4-5 level, and are ideal pieces to aid sight reading, syncopated rhythm, chromatic scales, and accidentals.

Upload date: 13 Feb 2018